Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hi honey I'm home..! xx

Hello my darlings. How have you been? I've missed you SO, but I know from your comments that you have enjoyed my fantastic guest-writers whilst I was away. Aren't these girls just awesome!?! Well I think so and as such I have created a brand new award for each and all of them.

Sue, Kerry, Tina, Simone, Lana, Manvi and Kellie this here is for you for being such wonderful & supportive friends! xx
There are no obligations for this award, other than to view it like a big virtual hug from afar and to display it with pride on your blog somewhere. I hope you know how much I appreciate you stepping in and helping me. It means a lot!

Can I also express a heartfelt thank you for all your loving and kind emails. I am blessed by such wonderful friendships and I am totally aware of it. I love you guys! xxx


Before I sign off for today, I'd like to pass on one last THANK YOU. This one is a bit delayed but truly sincere as well. It is aimed at my dear friend over at 'Lumo Lifestyle' who made me so happy a few weeks ago.

This gorgeous Finish girl (who I had the pleasure of meeting in person here in Sydney last year) has awarded me no less than two lovely awards - the 'Stylish Blogger' and the 'Versatile Blogger' (see  her post HERE).

As the awards request, please find herewith 10 things about me that you may not already know:

I love hammocks and can spend many happy hours in them!

I do (read:'need') at least three rounds of detoxing per year where I cut out sugar,
refined & processed foods, meat, caffeine, yeast, bread & pasta, alcohol
and dairy for approximately 5-8 weeks. I just finished a 9 week stint and I feel great!
For more details see HERE.

My favourite room in most homes is the kitchen...

I have an addiction to books but prefer them integrated in the entire home
rather than confined to a library only.

I love Mondays.

My lucky number is six.

Strong wind makes me unsettled and a little sad (for some reason).

Despite loving shoes and boots, I prefer being barefoot.

I am terrible at emptying my hand bags and I drive myself (and others..) insane by
having several bags tossed around the hallway with general debris in them..

My favourite holiday is Christmas but I prefer the weeks leading up to it over the actual holiday.

I would love it if the below listed blog-darlings would accept this 'award duet' (yes, both of them) and treat us to a list of personal trivia (of course there are 100 more blogs I wish to nominate, but today I wish to highlight these yummy destinations):


I am aware that the world shower you clever people in praise, and that some of you already hold one or both of the above awards, but I hope you you accept them anyway. Please see them as 'labels of love' because I think that you and your blogs are just fabulous! xxx

Warm hugs from an Autumnal Sydney!

xx Charlotta


First House on the Right said...

The icons on my blogroll updated with your new post and I popped over to have a read :) Welcome back and hope you're having a great week. Nicolex

Champagne/CrushParty/StitchPoet said...

So glad you're back! You are one of my favorite reads and where I enjoyed your guest bloggers immensely, I have to admit disappointment when it was not you and happy to see you back! Blog on with your cute self!!! xo

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Charlotta Welcome Back
You've been missed.. although I have been away soem of this time too

Congrats on your awards,.. and how gorgeous is that one you created.. just beautiful.

Have a lovely day.. ciao xxxx Julie

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh welcome back, I love the award you created, so lovely.

Have a great week,

Lisa said...

What a lovely award! Good to see you back xxx

It's me said...

Congratulations with your awards !! ...so nice that new award you create for your friends!!.......thanks for visiting and folowing my blog now....when i read your profile i saw that you have a blog for Maija !!..i always read her blog....and folow...and i was in shock when i read she was dead.....o my...i can't forget her.......it is alwayd in my mind ...and now you find my litlle Dutch blog.....what a amazing feeling !!...so special to me......i must go to work now......to our shop but tonight i read that blog......happy day....love love from me Ria.....xxx...

It's me said...

I mean she is always...sorry for my bad English...!!

It's me said...

And....i mean Marija ......pfffff....it is early her...sorry !!....xxx...i always say three things instead of one !!! hahahaahhahah!!!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Yay, Charlotta is back, back, back! Hope you had a good few weeks and the family are keeping well? Been thinking of you!

Thanks for the kind award. Hugs from me in London! Thought of you when I walked near Sydney St. on Sunday! xo

Tina said...

Hi sweetieq1
So glad to see you´re back on track!!! Thank you so much for the Wonderful Friend Award- I feel very proud and priviliged to receive this from someone like you! It was nothing but joy to step in as a guest editor, so I´m feeling quite overewhelmed by this right now! Thank You!
Ta väl hand om dig! Kramar från Sverige

Slavica at The French Trove said...

What a great post, full of love and affection! I can certainly see why you got both awards, I love your blog.

Kerry said...

Hi Charlotta...it was such an honor to guest post for you and I loved doing it. I will very proudly put this button on my blog...when I get back from the US. I'm afraid doing it on the iPad is completely beyond me :)
Hope the weeks just keep getting better and better for you xx

Blue Fruit said...

I was so thrilled to find a lovely comment from you on my blog this morning ~ because it means you are obviously back on top of things and that is wonderful.

I hope you have recharged during the break and that all is now good.

Hugs from Melbourne and welcome back!

Style Maniac said...

Nice to see you back, Charlotta. Totally agree with you on #4 -- in fact, just did this for a client. And now I'm off for a little break of my own ...

Style Attic said...

Welcome "home" and I loved reading that you are feeling great after week 9 of detoxing! That still fascinates me :) Love your list and the new list of blogs to check out! I know they will be great, just like you XO, Kelly

Little Rus said...

Hellooooooooo! Charlotta, first of all, thanks so much for visiting my blog, leaving sweet comments AND becoming my follower! You made me smile, BIG TIME. Conrgatulations on your awards. I think it's a perfect timing for me to visit your blog and learn about you straight away. :) I also went to your other blog - you are so creative, I really love that cherry blossom picture you made.

Wishing you a wonderful day!


caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

welcome back, darling Charlotta! thank you SO much for these lovely awards and for being a follower! you are the sweetest blogger friend! I truly enjoy reading your posts. warm hugs from an Autumnal Patagonia, Caroline.

The Zhush said...

So very glad you are back! Thanks for my thoughtful and lovely award...you are the sweetest. As to your list I had to smile about the handbag thing...I am the same exact way! And the same re: strong winds...very unsettled by them! xx

A Casa da Vá said...

Welcome back! I will make sure to visit all your blog friends since I love yours, I am sure I will fall in love with 15 more today!

Audrie said...

Charlotta Thanks for giving us the opportunity to meet beautiful blog! Hello

Carole said...

Hi Charlotta. How lovely it was to see your message this morning. So glad that you are well and thank you so much for passing on the awards. You have so many you soon won't have room to blog!!
Hugs to you.
Carole xx

A Perfect Gray said...

yay! so glad for your return. hope you had a restful time off - we missed you...

charlotta, thank you so much for remembering me with these great awards. your heart is SO big! we feel your love everytime we visit here. guess that's why we're here so much!

love to you! donna

Global Atelier said...

I feel so humbled to have received these! I have not been blogging in my normal amount so perhaps this will get me back. I always get a smile on my face when I get a comment from you. You have such a lovely space!!!

Design Elements said...

you are back :-) welcome! wonderful post! hugs

Alena said...

Welcome back!! Loved learning more about you and really enjoyed all the guest posts :)

Lana said...

Welcome back my sweet friend, you are a real gem! Thank you!

Casa Très Chic said...

Hi, Charlotta!
Welcome back, dear friend!
Thank you so much for these awards, they mean a lot to us because they come from you.
Hope you're fine, I need some detoxing round, too.
Wish you a great week.

Stacey said...

Hi sweet angel,
I was actually away myself so i missed most of the guest posts, however, i'm thrilled that you're back! I am thrilled to accept your awards too and will do an acceptance post as soon as things settle down a bit. Hugs and love to you! XX

Splendid Willow said...

Welcome back Ms.!

Congratulations on the award and for spreading the love to so many great bloggers and friends!

Well deserved!

ox, Mon


Welcome back, sweetie I've missed u but you did leave us with some fabulous guest bloggers. So looking forward to catching up :) xoxo

Nuit said...

welcome back beautiful!!! missed you!!! how are things??? over here its already starting to feel like summer!!!! it is sooooo hot during the day its crazy :) have a lovely week Love... xoxoxoo

designchic said...

Thrilled you're back...congrats on the wonderful awards!!

Danielle {freshquince} said...

What a sweet post and soooo happy to have you back!! I need to jump on the detox bandwagon with you at some point badly! And congrats on the double whammy awards...you deserve it!! xx Danielle

Solid Frog said...

Hi Charlotta, congratulations to the awards!
And thanks so much, I'm so happy to be on your list of favourites!
Your guest blogger have been great but nice to have you back.


Lumo said...

Good to see you back, dear.

You really deserve all the awards and nominations.

My bags are also messy (and many), I enjoy the weeks leading to Christmas and love the hammock in my mother in law's yard, spend here hours every time we go there for weekends in summer.

LENE said...

Dear Charlotta
Thank you so much for the great awards - it makes me realy happy that you want to give them to me!
You can read about them here:

Love you

bikim said...

lovely blog!
happy night!

Splenderosa said...

OMG, I am absolutely delighted with this award, Charlotta. I've been such a poor visitor lately I'm surprised you didn't forget me.
I will respond to this on Sunday, tomorrow for me. Sending love & huge amounts of admiration & thank you's. Marsha

Simone said...

You are so welcome!! xxxx

one sydney road said...

oh thank you for this!!! and kudos to you!! :) glad to have you back friend :)

Anonymous said...

So cute. The handbag thing-I do the same thing. When I mentioned it to Mr.MBL, he said, "well you should mention how you also dump the whole purse out when you are trying to look for something in a hurry" (that really drives him batty since he is so careful about putting things in the same exact place every time)


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