Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring, according to House Doctor..

Flicking through the catalogues of Danish brand 'House Doctor' is always fun and inspiring. This year's Spring catalogue was no exception, and though the concepts may not be revolutionary or ground breaking in any respect, I truly enjoyed their take on them. Here are some snippets..

'Rustic Contemporary' feels very true to the Scandinavian 'no nonsense' approach to styling and decor. It's honest, uncomplicated and modern with a strong Earthy feel. It's elegant with a little rough and raw at the edges, sprinkled with soothing harmony and light.

I chuckled to myself when I saw the above image and the fact that they have made a 'commercially sellable object' out of what we as bloggers have come to regard as a 'weekend DIY project'. Yes, I am of course talking about the wooden pallet coffee table. But it works here and overall I like how they have put this together. The over-sized mirror has a lot to do with it for me - I have a real weakness for them and would love this one in my hallway!

The lamps are fun and take on a slight mid-century industrial feel, which again can be nicely worked in with other styles. I am particularly fond of the 'clamp on lamp' - that would be a fun addition to a bookshelf don't you think?

Apart from having to tear my eyes away from the 'herringbone floors' in the top right image, I also fell for the black cabinet. It not only feeds my passion for black glossy things, but also reminded me of my dear friend Tina's quest to assemble her living- and dining rooms. Tina, I would love to see your black cabinet glow in gold from within. Just like you do! xx
If you are not familiar with Tina's beautiful blog 'Komma Hem' you are in for a real treat. Not only does this girl share fabulous inspiration, she also blogs with a pure heart and always radiates kindness and love.

The above little door/cabinet knobs (can you see them there in the left image?) are adorable, and in the catalogue there is a whole page dedicated to them (and their sisters & brothers). 
I also really liked the below image and that cute little owl lamp immediately made me think of my friend Will over at 'Bright Bazaar'. He has a real weakness for owls and I think he'd like this very much! Again, if this blog is not on your list of regular reads, add it immediately. This man knows how to please! Will we luv ya'! x

Lots more to feast the eyes on HERE and HERE.

xx Charlotta


Anci said...

Vad kul att du vill följa min blogg !! Det ska jag göra med din med för du visar mycket som jag gillar. Jag har mer och mer gått mot en avskalad stil. Men det kan ju ändras...


It's me said...

Wowwwwww...great !! i love it !!! ...have a nice day

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Hi Charlotta!
Glad you mentioned that mirror at first glance I thought it was a doorway! It sure opened up that space.....I likes the fresh use of the whites in this post......I'll check out the blog you mentioned.... Maryanne xo

Karena said...


Beautiful light filled images. The mirror does make that space...where to sit? Only I think of these things1

Art by Karena

Tuuli - Lumo Lifestyle said...

House Doctor is also a very popular brand in Finland. Love their simple style.

Kram från Helsingfors

Rachel {little bits of lovely} said...

I always look forward to the House Doctor catalogue being released, it is always so lovely. This one doesn't dissapoint! I love those glass dome jars and pretty lamps xo

Renée Finberg said...

i do.
i like all of it.

happy sunday

Ali said...

I never heard of House Doctor until now... what great pieces! I especially love the black cabinet as well, gorgeous.

Solid Frog said...

As always lovely both from House doctor and you :)
Happy new week!

Casa Très Chic said...

Love House Doctor style, so simple and cozy.
That mirror is fabulous.
Wish you a nice week.

Tina said...

Hi Sweetie!

You are too kind to me! How am I ever going to pay you back??? Thank you so much for mentioning me and my blog once again! I´m so thankful!
We´ll just have to wait and see what happens with my black cabinet...This one looks really beautiful and I do feel very, very inspired by the golden inside!
House Doctor have such great stuff, I´m a big fan of them and the wooden pallet is just adorable- love the large industrial wheels on it, so cute!
Happy Monday!
You are the best friend ever!!!

LiveLikeYou said...

It reminds me of an old house on Gotland!! The worn walls the hipper style etc. Don't you just love the clever stylish Scandinavians??

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

ahhh so beautiful! hope you had a lovely weekend, darling! xo

michele said...

ooooh so much inspiration here to get lost in--LOVE. yes, the black cabinet and all those rustic elements that do feel as if they evolved over time and not in one DIY swoop.

i love coming here!


Tankar från Trädgårdsmästarn; Hillevi said...

Hej där!
Jag har kikat runt lite idag. Fint!
Kramkram Hillevi.

Ingrid said...

House Doctor har så mycket fint, vi har en hel del från dem i vår butik. Jag tycker speciellt mycket om deras industrilook som de blandar med det mjuka på ett så fin sätt.


Mona thompson said...

OOOHHH, I love all of this Rustic Elegance. Some great stuff.

claire said...

Okay, so I was about to pick out things that I like in these pictures ... but the list got wayyyyy to long. It's all freakin' ahhmazing!! x

Kitchen fitter in Faversham said...

Love this rustic, cosy and easy style, the black cabinet is a must!! I am after one like this

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