Thursday, September 3, 2009

Converted Farmhouse, South Africa

"There are some places that encourage you 
to take it easy. And there are others, such as 
the McGowan's converted farmhouse, that insist on it."
These are the opening words of the 'Living Etc' 
feature of Trevyn & Julian McGowan's beautifully 
converted 7 bedroom farmhouse in South Africa.
The pallet is predominantly white, giving the house 
a soothing and very relaxed yet elegant feel.

Though all the rooms are great, it was the guest room
in the converted barn that really stuck with me.
I love the 'gable-end head board' made to match 
the Dutch gable end of the house itself, and the
ostrich egg lamp above the bed.
Both made by Julian himself.
The master bedroom with this beautiful carved
four poster bed also looks very tempting..
I like the little 'mini library' in the bedside table,
and the generous reading lamps. This is clearly
a room that has been designed for comfort.
The log off loader on the right looks great
against the stark white backdrop.. and I love
the mesh cow's head on the wall, as well as that 
little 'creature' at the very back of the picture..
The candelabras on top of the dresser look
fantastic against the seemingly empty frames
on the wall behind them.
There are two living areas - one casual and one formal.
This is the latter, and I love how it is still very 'easy' looking
with the white painted floorboards, and clean airy feel.

Read about the house and see more pictures HERE.


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely beautiful.

Charlotta Ward said...

I love this style. That ostrich egg lamp... *sigh*...

A Casa da Vá said...

This is so pretty! Wow what about that bed on the 2nd pic? I want it!

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