Wednesday, October 14, 2009

American Colonial meets Scandinavian antiques

Found this charming and beautifully put together
home in the rich archives of Martha Stewart.

It is the home of Jill Dienst -
a connaisseur of Swedish antiques.

The collection of Swedish antiques is so similar
to that of my father's home, that it makes me
feel right at home in this lovely & light house..

 The statues on the mantle piece are from a Swedish church,
and the portrait of two young Swedes dates back to 1911.
Early 18th Century chairs flank the fireplace that looks
almost identical to the one in my father's house..

 I love the wide wooden floorboards, and the Swedish
desk (Baroque) teamed with that small cabinet look great too.
Love that perfect line from the tip of the candle to the bottom
of what looks like an old hand-blown 'brewery bottle' under
the small cabinet in the background.. Like a giant drop..

 I have always loved a simple window dressing like this.
Floor lamp by Danish legend Poul Henningsen *.

The eighteenth-century gilded crown in the
master bedroom gave Jill the idea of emulating the bed of
Queen Hedvig Eleonora at Drottningholm Palace, Sweden.

 This cute & light kid's room has a 19th century bed,
and divine little French chair (also 19th century).
The carved chest is from Germany and.

 More early 18th Century Swedish chairs
teamed up with a modern table. Looks great
in contrast with the mid-eighteenth-century
giltwood wall-clock that was made in Stockholm
 My dad has an identical chandelier above his
kitchen table... oh how I look forward to lighting
all those candles on Christmas morning...

Where as the rest of the house is more traditional,
the kitchen is modern and sleek, just as they often
 are in 'real Swedish homes'. There is something with
a well equipped functional and large kitchen isnt' there!?

The Gustavian white sofa upholstered in linen,
mid-century chair (like a backless Dante chair),
Baroque side chair and mid-twentieth century Danish
lamp casually resting on the naked floorboards..
It is all happening in this room - in a beautiful way.

If you have an interest in Swedish Antiques & design,
you must, must (!) subscribe to talented & well-read
Monika Claassen's fab blog, whose posts are as
splendid as the site name 'Splendid Willow'!!



vicki archer said...

beautiful images Charlotta...I particularly love that gilt bed coronet, xv.

Charlotta Ward said...

Thanks Vicki!
Yes - that crown is great. Wonderful touch of regal glamour in a sober elegant room.

Overall this home feels so close to my heart as many of the pieces are near identical to the ones in my father's home (in Sweden).

Swedish antiques are wonderful & very 'user friendly' even in a modern setting due to their simplicity and clean lines.

I love how this particular home has taken it a step further and embrace all key elements of 'Swedish style' - natural light, untreated wooden floors material, and layering of soft neutral colours for the base.

I am glad you enjoyed this post.


Splendid Willow said...

Charlotta, you are the one to follow dear! These images are absolutely stunning! Mama Mia... Where to even begin... The reading nook and the master bedroom, and the kitchen and dining room... Simply beautiful. Great post, as always Charlotta.

Charlotta Ward said...

Mon - Yes this one was for you my dear Swedish friend!
It would have been a million years richer with your wise words to help the pictures come alive!! I don't have your depth of knowledge on this subject but have a keen appreciation of our beautiful heritage!

Glad you enjoyed and thrilled you are now a follower. Welcome!


Emmanita said...

Hi Charlotta, I am an interior designer from Manila and I have been to Sweden for some time. I must say that I love Swedish interiors as they evoke a lot of warmth and character without being too ostentatious. thank you for your is truly inspiring.


Charlotta Ward said...

Emmanita - welcome to my blog, I am so happy you stopped by.
How wonderful that you have been to Sweden and that you like my country.
Yes, our interiors are unique and I too am a huge fan. I think the secret is in the wonderful mix of old and new, rustic and refined as well as the abundant use of white and natural materials.

I hope you visit again and that you continue to leave comments. It's lovely to hear from you.

x Charlotta

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