Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Swedish Bliss

Hello my lovelies and sorry for my brief absense..
Had a mad rush in the week before our trip but
we are now safely here in lovely Sweden and
I can finally reconnect with life after the jet-lag..

Sweden is nice and cold , but snowless. Perhaps not the ideal
this close to Christmas but I have come to love a 'bare' Winter.

As much as I want to make a snowangel in perfect snow,
there is something so beautiful about nature when there is
nothing there to cover it up. It's honest and very peaceful.

Since we arrived we have mostly spent time adjusting to
the season (we left Sydney-summer behind) and to the time
difference, and we have as of today beat the jet lag (finally).
The kids are busy writing lists for Santa (!) and I am absorbing
ideas from abundant sources of inspiration everywhere.
This year, the Swedish approach to Christmas feels a lot
cleaner and sober. There is a definite return to basics, with
focus on natural materials and traditional designs that are
paired with modern objects. Generally there seems to be
a lot more focus on styling, rather than just relying on
obvious ornaments and overly rich layering.

I am taking notes for sure..

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