Friday, January 15, 2010

Malene Birger's Copenhagen flat

Danish designer Malene Birger (one of my favourites)
has created a fabulous and exciting home in the heart
of her beloved Copenhagen. With a wonderful mix of
self-designed items, vintage finds and an eye for style
and composition, Malene has created a unique and
elegant boho-chic hide-away that had me returning to
the latest issue of Sköna Hem a few times this week..

If you are a celebrated designer of fantastic clothes why not put
up your favourite fur coats on display in your entryway.. Decadence..
I can hear the late Diana Vreeland type away.. 'Why don't you...'

Loving the industrial-chic lamps above her book table..
There is a slight commercial twist to her styling approach - just look
at the way her make up is arranged at the right hand side of the table..
The sheer linien blind is lovely too, as are the weeping tulips.

Cute and spontaneous photo wall - sans frames.. Nice.

The livingroom has a mix of styles and it is clear that Malene has
focused more on making room for her much loved possesions, than on
a restricted 'design statement'. The black chairs are by Fritz Hansen, the
sofa table a chest covered in a throw from Morocco. The grey cabinet
hosts her impressive collection of silver ware, and the Howard sofa
holds a family of pillows black & white designed by Malene herself.

African scuptures from New York and Elk antlers from Sweden..

Photographs of Marilyn Monroe and ones by Picasso sit next to
illustrations by Malene, and vintage etchings purchased at auctions.
I love the simple wooden desk  in contrast with all that black and white.

A few vintage jewellery boxes from one of her many collections..

Yet another silver tray with a spontaneous display of much loved
items, such as the snake skin toilet bag that Malene designed for
her employees one Christmas.. (Lucky them..)

Idea books in stacks.. Nice to see it isn't just me.. I have idea books
everywhere around our house, in my hand bags and even one in the
glove box of my car.. You just never know when a great idea will pop up..

More black and white photographs, oil painted portraits from 1930,
wood carvings and illustrations from all over the world create a
nice 'bed head'.  I love the layered bed linen in black and white and
that little toy dog that is a mini version of 'Delhi', Malene's own dog.

Vintage Chanel poster and vintage shoes by Dior..

Even the bathroom is decorated in 'showroom style'..

A Gustavian dresser hosts an array of items such as a vintage mirror from
Venice, jars of new and old pieces of jewellery, oil painted portraits etc..

Desipite the clusters of things and abundance of details, it all
kind of works. Probably because the whole apartment is tied
together by a monochromatic palette of shades of white
mixed with black or neutrals. The impression I am left with is
a feminine & creative home designed with love and inspiration.
A cool & harmonious surface boiling over with energy beneath..
Not unlike her wonderful collections 'by Malene Birger'.


P.s. Malene has a house on the island of Mallorca as well.
Haven't found any images of this yet, but am looking.. x


Splendid Willow said...

Smitten! What a chic and relaxed home filled with a ton of personality! I love the image with the desk and the black chairs, particularly the white ledges with the spectacular frames. (Have I been too obsessed with frames lately?). Miss you! Mon

Scandinavian Retro said...

Such a lovely home! Thanks for sharing:)

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