Monday, March 22, 2010

Amazing alfresco..

Though it is officially Autumn here in Australia,
the weather continues to be warm and lovely.

 Belle Maison

In contrary to Sydney Summer, it is actually really
pleasant to be outside now and makes it easy and fun
to plan for an array of nice & creative alfresco events.

Source unknown

Creating a table and a beautiful base for a garden party, 
birthday brunch or picnic with friends is so enjoyable!
Here is some lovely inspiration for alfresco fun -
from Spring to Autumn here we go..

Frances Janisch
Michael Dubois

 Brabourne Farm

 Bride's Cafe


City Sage

Donna Hay

Bride's Cafe


Mario Villa

Completely Coastal

 Weekend Host

Weekend Hostess

Bon appétit!



Splendid Willow said...

Everything is so lovely - don't even know where to begin....! But I have never seen a globe bowl like in that first image. What is that? A globe turned into a bowl? What do you think? I like it! OX, Mon

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes all these settings are just so inviting.. Dreaming my way there now..

I am not sure about the globe bowl but really like the idea. I think I can see a metal rim at the top so maybe it is a cut globe - that is how I saw it when I found the image, but not sure how it would remain straight on the table.. Hmm.. will have to duck back to the source and take a second look.


The Spirit of Abundance said...

Hej Söta,

Vilket härligt inlägg!! Suckade vid varje bild :). Där är det ju höst nu men här så är dom flesta av oss färdiga att välkomna våren, följd av sommaren...


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