Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eye candy..

After my last very word heavy post, I thought a nice parade of yummy eye candy would be just what we need.. Here's a collection of gorgeous images from all around our splendid 'blogosphere' this week..

There is something so fabulous about blowing big, really big, bubbles isn't there!? And I say this despite many (painful) memories of having to cut my hair because of bubble blowing competitions against my sister gone horribly wrong.. :)

OMG those lamps.. Just gorgeous.. as is the slanted roof and that arched door on the far right (nearly out of picture). Am also so into black bench tops at the moment.. Where are my Swedish genes?.. :)

Aaah, whispers of a tropical Summer.. Just can't wait for it this year. Somehow our Winter has felt extremely long and I am hanging out for the sun and warmth to return to Sydney!..

As morbid as it is to display beautiful creatures of the ocean in this way, they do look fantastic.. 

There is something so light, clean and inviting about this place don't you think.. Am a big lover of sheepskin and have plenty thrown about our house in Winter. Even our cat has her own sheep skin bed.

I love this picture - it makes me want to host divine Winter garden parties.. and of course, when I say 'Winter' I am thinking of Sydney.. Despite my petty complaints, the Winters here are quite mild here..

This is one of my favourite rooms.. I love the light elegance and eclectic mix of styles. Yum! Just take your time and enjoy all the details. It's just fabulous!

How great isn't this idea of dipping a basket in paint!?! I love it and am so doing this for summer!!

Speaking of which, I love the thought of iced tea served in silver mugs like this. So chic!

Just add bubbles (in a glass and in the tub!), a stack of mags and a 'do not disturb' sign for the door!

A girl never tires of this..

..or this for that matter! And the cat knows it..!

How cute is this idea for Summery pre-dinner drinks? So doing this as well!..

Though I could not live with this level of 'girliness' it feels so pleasing to the eye. Love the lightness.

Edgy statement art for the walls.. yes please.

..and speaking of art. I quite like these framed leaves too. Am not mad about the rest of the kitchen..

I like this idea.. Some things just work better in a little cluster..

Love this table and chairs.. Love!

Midnight blue dream - dramatic, elegant, edgy and chic all at the same time..! Yum!

Happy ending to the week my dears. Hope you have nice plans for the weekend.

xx Charlotta

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shopgirl said...

I love these images Charlotte! They put a smile to my face! I used to blow bubbles all the time when I was younger, in fact, I still do.....:-)))

I hope you're having a lovely summer!


Julie Leah said...

You found some fabulous eye candy!! I kept waiting for the post to end and there was more and more!! I love that first photo, very fun! And the to-die-for white bathroom! And the shoe closet, eeeeee! That is every girly-girl's dream!

A Perfect Gray said...

charlotta, you have outdone yourself. the kitchen with the open upper shelving is my dream. and I didn't know this until I just saw it here, but I need a dining room wall to write on!

thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration images! Love, Donna

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

oh my! so beautiful images Charlotta. such a feast to my eyes! that divine garden party is my favorite. xo

Stacey said...

These are all so beautiful! You never fail to satisfy my need for visual stimulation with your never ending posts of fantastic images:-). I especially love that gorgeous model from the photo shoot by Suresh Natarajan. That was like a glamorous Hollywood photo shoot.xo

Unknown said...

mmm so much gorgeousness!!!! I really love the garden party set up and the shoe closet ;) ah and that picture with the girl and the diamonds of course. So beautiful!!! xoxo

Design Esquire said...

These images are just gorgeous!! That kitchen is amazing...

Lysande ögonblick! said...

Wow. The images as so nice. Especially the wintergarden party picture. I want be in it. :-)

I hope all is well. Hugs from Stockholm!

Tina said...

Oh, my god, such beautiful pictures!
How do you do that?

Anne said...

I love the moody blue bathroom and the garden party scene. Framed leaves are a theme I use often in my fall and winter decorating. They add a nice organic touch. And I notice that big round-bottomed jugs keep showing up in these photos. They are another love of mine. Sprigged with a simple stalk or branch, they are embodied simplicity. As always, you demonstrate the best taste!
Wishing you a lovely weekend.

P.S. I am not surprised to learn you love Phantom also :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful, beautiful images Charlotta! I can't even choose which I like best. But, I would happily join you at that lovely party under the tree!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! -xo Terri

samantha ramage said...

such a fabulous roundup of pictures! they're absolutely delicious!

Cath said...

GREAT ideas for summer entertaining...hurry up spring / summer!! Gorgeous pics as always dearest.

Wishing you a fab friday and a wonderful weekend x

k said...

you picked some good ones!! I love the kitchen with the brick floor...that is so cool

Kelly Frances Dunn said...

I love your words, I love your heart, and I love this selection of beautiful art :) The red over the fireplace caught my eye!

Unknown said...

Catching my breath --- so many divine images. xo Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Love all of these feel-good images! Have a great weekend!

Eddie & Jaithan

Kellie Collis said...

Loving that divine bathroom! Hope you are well and having a delightful weekend! xxx

debra@dustjacket said...

Wow I'm loving every one of these gorgeous images. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.
xoxo Dj

Carly {Honey and the Moon} said...

I love the graffiti like walls of that dining unique, so edgy!

Great post xo

ChampagneMaker said...

Oh I love the starfish shower!!! the turquoise walls and OH! that purple doorknob...right down to the last detail. Love!

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello my sweet friends and thank you for your company on this post.

Shopgirl - Yes, bubbles are one of those things that always come back when I remember my childhood. That and hula hoops, twist (do you remember that?), skipping rope, new wooden clogs, and nudi dips in the lake! It's not Summer in Sydney now - it's high Winter. xx

Julie - Thanks very much! x Yes, sorry I went on and on a bit.. There was just too many to choose from.. :) Glad you enjoyed though! x

Donna - thanks my dear! Yes isn't the kitchen divine! The lamps, the floor.. yum! Yep, that wall is something isn't it!?! xx

Caroline - Thanks! Yes that garden scene is so amazing. Love the lights and the feeling of Autumn in the air. x

Stacey - Thank you my friend! x

Nuit - Hello! xx Yes, a shoe wardrobe is my dream. Since having kids I have let so many great shoes go (xuse the pun..). Am determined to start building my collection again.!

Christine - Am still so overwhelmed by your amazing blankets! x Yes, isn't this kitchen amazing. Could move right in! x

Alexandra - hej! Yes, me too. Could move right into that scene. xx

Tina - Thanks my dear! There is an overwhelming supply of gorgeousness out there. Love it! xx

Anne - Yes you are spot on! Of course the touches of nature - twigs, starfish, leaves are what we love! x Those bottles are great - I would love a cluster of them and recently found some in a shop but didn't have any room in the car to get them. Probably lucky as they were quite expensive.. Am determined to get some though. Would suit my home! Thanks for your sweet words. xx

Terri - Hi hon. So nice to see you. Will pop into your little blog corner soon. Has been too long! xx

Sami - Hello and welcome to my blog. So nice to have you and thank you for becoming a follower. Just became your latest follower. xx

Charlotta Ward said...

Cath - Thanks my friend. Glad you liked this one. xx

Krystal - Yes that floor is yummy! Thanks hon. xx

Kelly - Thanks my friend. You are always the best. Big hug. xx

Elizabeth - Yes, I got a bit carried away with this gorgeousness.. :) xx

Eddie & Jaithan - Thanks for that. Coming from you I am now beaming! Also. I got hold of Debra. Heard you had a fab time. xx

Kellie - Yes isn't it great. Could soak there now! xx

DJ - Thank you. Your blog is divine at the moment. Well, it's always that, but I am falling deeper.. Also. Congratulations on your awards!! xx

Carly - Hello and welcome here!! So happy you found your way and thank you so much for becoming a follower. Yes, that wall is so sexy! Want one so bad! xx

Champagne girl - Hello my friend. Yes that starfish bathroom is special! Love the copper railing! Yes. Glad you saw that doorknob. Nice detail. xx

OK my friends. As always - having you here makes my day and I am so happy to hear back from you. Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

xx Charlotta

Fashion Profiles said...

I love the spaces you posted!!! Truly an eye candy and refreshes the eyes and mind! =)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Charlotta Charlotta
How fantastic and just what I am needing too..

You know that outdoor garden image is just gorgeous!!! those beautiful old trees.. I once assisted my brother with a wedding shoot in the Botantical Gardens... how beautiful it was...

Love all these image.. but please give me the kitchen.. and the rest of the house that goes with it... and OH.. the bubblegum .. I laughed... can't remember how many times I had chunks of hair cut out for same reason... One day I will tell you about me.. my hair and the mixmaster..

Hope your weekend was lovely!!! xxx Julie

Ingrid said...

What a beautiful picture collection!!


Charlotta Ward said...

Fashion Profiles lady - Hello and thank you for finding your way here. It's so nice to welcome new readers. x
So glad you liked this post. Hope I'll see you again here. xx

Julie - hello love. Just sent you an email. I too love that garden image. There is something about the light.. How gorgeous re the wedding shoot. Would love to see the pics. In fact I'd love to see all your work. We have to catch up soon! xx

Ingrid - Hello and welcome here! Thanks for your comment. I am so glad you are here. xx

Have a great new week all!

xx Charlotta

Karena said...

Charlotta, wow just gorgeous, yummy images. I love all of your choices!

Art by Karena

Mariska Meijers said...

the purple wallpaper is my absloute favourite. i am amazed at your post again. so much thought and work that went into it. have a wonderful week x

The Woven Life said...

Gorgeous post! I badly want to have some tea and cookies in that dreamy out door space. Wishing you tons of inspiration and love!

Unknown said...

So great! Loving every last inch of this post!

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

thank you so much for all your sweet comments, Charlotta! hope Isabella is feeling better... thank you for the tip about feedburner. done!

Fer said...

Hi are you back yet? I ca'nt wait to see your post from your trip back home!!!

Martina said...

Oh, this outside chandelier is my favourite! party like this - oh yes please, i'm coming :)

A Perfect Gray said...

glad to see you out today, Charlotta. How are you? I think of you all the time. Hope you are well. Still working on the site? Your art? Hope you are finding comfort in all that you are doing. Remember that you are loved by us out here!!!

Love, Donna

Fer said...

Oh Dear Charlotta, I know how you feel, I am a mom !

I hope she feels better VERY SOON!!! please keep me postted. I am praying for her quick recovery.



manvi @ mochatini said...

omg charlotta, this is a gorgeous post. Ever single one the pics has been drifting off. whats this abt bella, is she ok? how are you?

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

So many wonderful ideas...........but especially the shoe closet. Must do that this winter. A visual treat of a post. Lovely. XO

sara said...

Beautiful images, I love the framed leaves...and the shoe closet of course (if only I had that many shoes, and a nice closet to store them in!)

Anonymous said...

Your favourite room is also my favourite! It's beautiful, stunning, so light, so interesting! wow. said...


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