Saturday, July 25, 2009

Art and Bavarian Bear Monsters To Love...

I recently stumbled across a very talented and brilliant artist named Matte Stephens whose list of artistic references is very impressive!
You can see his very extensive photo stream on Flickr (just click here), on Etsy (here). You can subscribe to his blog by clicking here.

I am not sure what I love the most - the actual pictures or their titles.. :)

"Bavarian Bear Monster"

"Riding her rented bike through the woods"

"Lillian playing with an abstract thought"

"Although Admiral Seymour Doughtridge was a rather stern man he always had a soft spot for sea lions" ( favourite title!!)

"Edwin and Rosemary upon arriving at Yosemie for their honeymoon were lucky enough to spot a rare green soft friendly tooth bear"

I want to own a whole bunch of these!!


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