Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kids rooms!

Do you remember your first room?
Not the very very first one you had as a little baby, but your first 'big boy/girl room'... That private haven you could play in, share secrets with your friends in, close the door to when you wanted to be by yourself, make special 'stay-out!' door signs for...
My room was painted pale green and had a white slanted roof above my bed. There was a large window overlooking our neighbour's house and my mother changed the curtains pending on the season.. My favourite curtains were the ones with big green leaves and strawberries... (this was before Marimekko and the likes flooded our stores with more modern versions..).
My second favourite were the hand-made lace ones my grandmother had made for me. They were usually hung in spring or summer and I loved laying in my bed in the mornings and see the sun rays find their way through the tiny holes of the lace..
I still have the woven pink spread that I had to put on my white wooden bed every morning. In fact I used it for my daughter's bed until it started to collect too many stains from my texta loving little rascal...
In front of the window was a desk - a hand-me-down piece from my big sister, which I was very very proud of! I remember the day I got it - I felt as if I had reached a mile stone. I mean only 'big girls' needed a desk in their room.. It was a bit worn and shabby but after my dad painted it a glossy dark green colour it was the most beautiful desk that I had ever seen..

I think what made the rooms from the past so great was that there was a tendency to re-cycle, re-vamp and re-store used pieces.
Back in the days 'vintage' was a necessity and not a fashion statement. It was simply a healthy anti-movement to today's 'throw-away' attitude, where every item in a child's room seems to have to be new and pristine..
Furniture and things were loved and worn, and when they were no longer needed they were simply passed on to someone new to love and wear a bit more.. This way part of the personality of the previous owner lived on. So wonderful!

Here are some other great kids rooms for you to be inspired by..

.. more to come on this subject.

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