Friday, August 21, 2009

Afro Art Stockholm

When I scout ideas and items in stores and web shops
I do it predominantly for my work with children's interiors & art.
I love looking in places that aren't necessarily aimed at children
and often find that the most successful rooms are the ones
that mix items of different nature and origin.

A great place for wonderfully vibrant additions
to a kid's room (any room really) is Afro Art in Stockholm.

In contrast to the actual store name, they stock goods
from all over the world, and next to Guatemalan pillows
are hand embroidered throws from Bangladesh,
laundry baskets from Senegal and fabric from India.

These mirrors are made out of old 'oil drums'.
Great recycling idea from Morocco.

They have a wonderful selection pillows from Guatemala.
Any mix of these would add some great
splashes of colours to a kids room.

Beaded drapes/curtains are great as a substitute to
a door or wall, and will section off a room without
making it feel too contrived or intrusive.
They are also great to use around the walls of a bunk bed,
in a window, alcove or as a simple wall decoration.
They can be combined with a mural to resemble rain drops,
cascades of a water fall, or foliage of a jungle motif.
The ideas and options are endless.

This bold spotty pattern would look great as a curtain.
Add some chocolate browns, yellows or reds, and you have a nice
colour base for a fun room for a little someone.

Or how about a Dalmatian room?
A shaggy rug on the floor, a child size 'dog house' to use
as a playhouse, perhaps a mural with a park theme,
and some cute cuddly toys scattered around and you are done..

This is a laundry basket but could just as well hold
your child's dress up collection.

This storage urn would look great in a group
and would easily hold little toys or trinkets.
There are matching 'bread baskets' in a
number of sizes & colours that would work
well with the urn in a set.
This wooden 'Ricksha art motif' box from Bangladesh
would make an excellent jewellery box.

This divine 'Kantha' embroidered throw and heart pillow (below)
are from Bangladesh and would look great in a vintage style room.

All in all - a real treasure chest for you to explore
next time you are in Stockholm.


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