Friday, August 28, 2009

Bird houses

With my upcoming stall at the 'Double Bay Fete' in October
I am painting more birds to complete my 'flock' of paintings
in the 'Bird Song by Charlotta Ward' series.
As such I am drawn to all birds and all things related...
cages, bird nests, trees, eggs, twigs, feathers...

Here are some cute little bird nests/houses
that would look as good in the garden
as they would on the wall in a kids room.

Ok, so there are a few exceptions..
Just had to include them because I find it so
amusing that there is such vast variety of
architectural styles and themes...
I love that there is a home for every
nest conscious bird out there..

..and this one is just too impressive to leave out..
Perhaps not this one for the nursery though.. Or?.


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