Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chateau challenge for Timothy Corrigan

There seems there is no task too challenging for Timothy Corrigan..

An ex-advertising executive,
his passion for antiques and architecture
drove him to jump ship and follow his dream
to work with architectural restorations and interior design.

With offices in both Los Angeles and Paris
he takes on some amazing projects,
one of which was to restore Château du Grand-Lucé,
his residence in the Loire Valley of France.

Click HERE for the full slide show as seen via Architectural Digest.


P.S. Mr Corrigan and I actually have two things in common..
1. He was the President for Bates Worldwide,
the advertising agency where I used to work once upon a time..

2. I once lived (and studied) in Angers,
a town not too far away from Timothy's chateau
in Valle de Loire, France..
A stunning place with the perfect mix of
chateaux and vineyards...

Perhaps I should give Timothy a call... :)

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