Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For the love of kitchens!

To me the kitchen is one of the most important rooms of a home.
And I say 'room' because I prefer them to be proper rooms,
and not only a food preparation area.

Here, family meetings take place, meals are shared,
secrets are told over cups of tea, announcements are made,
babies take their first spoon full of food, arguments ended,
plans are made, dreams are spun, stories are told,
homework and creative masterpieces are done,
great meals and special treats are created.

There needs to be enough room for 'little projects' to take place,
with large storage areas, bench spaces, seating, and general
'inbetween spaces' that can be decorated to add character.

It is a sacred room for me, and I feel so at home
in houses that have a great big 'family kitchen'
where everyone just hangs out together.

I particularly like the ones that come with a central large table.

I like a bench seat full of pillows and un-matching chairs,
as if everyone in the house has their own favourite.

Preferably this kitchen would have a few dents and scratches,
like wrinkles of an old face or a trail through an old garden,
which makes them radiate that nurturing & cosy warmth
that no other room seems to be able to provide just as well.

I like there little signs of life and character.
Like a single odd cup amongst new ones,
an old cabinet from a previous generation,
a message or list written on a black board,
the tick-tock of a vintage wall clock,
a magazine thrown on a chair,
a bunch of herbs in a vase on the bench,
a favourite cook book next to a comfy armchair.

Large windows with a view of the garden or roof tops,
open fire place, double fridges, wine cabinets,
and a walk-in-pantry with its own proper door.
A sign of respect to food don't you think!?

The stove should be large and have that proud
presence that makes it clear just how important
it is to the people who live there.

I think my kitchen dreams might spill over
into the ridiculous if I also tell you that preferably
I like an adjacent kitchen garden, a green house
and outdoor kitchen with BBQ, wood fire oven and sink..

Aaah, the dream... better hop of to bed and continue..



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