Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gold & Neunsinger Los Angeles House

Did you guys see the Apartment Therapy feature
of Shawn Gold & Amy Neunsinger's house in LA?
OMG it is amazing!!

Created in partnership with architect Juan Felipe Goldstein
it's an 'industrial chic' dream with amazing light & dimension.
The owners themselves describe the style as
'Californian Modern meets NY loft'.

I think it is these contrasting textures & ideas
that gives this home such wonderful atmosphere & personality.
Masonry & brick meet crystal chandeliers and soft lounge chairs,
hardware store supplies mix with vintage flea market finds,
and mosaic, sheepskin and Buddha live in perfect harmony.

Here are some of the photos..

Click HERE to jump to the full story and photo stream.

All of these photos are from
Apartment Therapy
which is made up of a team of
very talented individuals who have
set out to 'save the world one room at a time'.

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Leigha said...

I am speechless. This place is stunning! I have found so much inspiraton through you, Charlotta!

Charlotta Ward said...

Darling that is so great! I love it when I find things that inspire! xx

There is another post about this same home under 'great houses' - can't remember the heading but it's there.

They have such amazing aesthetic and I love the mix of rough and soft, and those divine light filled rooms!!

Thanks for your sweet comment. It has made me v happy.

xx Charlotta

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