Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little Brown Mouse

The world is just too small!

I have been a fan of the designs by
'Little Brown Mouse'
for quite some time, however it was only this week
that I learned that the clever creative brain behind it
is one of the mothers from my son's school.
In fact her daughter is in the same class as my son..

All children's clothes and accessories are hand made
out of natural fibers and have that timeless cuteness
without being too frou frou.. Very nice!

Here are some of my favourite girly items:

My daughter is 3 1/2 and is in a really 'girly' phase
where hair accessories, lipgloss and 'twirly skirts'
are on her mind from dusk till dawn..
These cute hair bands, clip-ons and bobby pins
would make her one happy little woman!

I had a very similar dress to the black/white one on the left when I grew up.
I wore it on my very first day of school and felt so grown up and pretty!
Also LOVE that little red chapelet!

They do great boys & baby clothes, and cute accessories as well,
so don't miss out on stocking up early for Xmas.

Happy shopping people!


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