Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little indians..

I was recently commissioned to convert a home-office
into a playroom for two little girls here in Sydney.

The key feature of the room is a mural of a tree that I painted.

This is the mural. I will load more pictures of this on my art blog soon.

As part of the extended decor,
we thought it would be great to include
a 'tee-pee tent' for the girls to sit in
(..under the tree, so to speak..).

Though we decided against the tee-pee in the end
(due to limited floor space),
I wanted to share some of the tent suppliers from my files.

'Banana J Creations'
This working mother of three launched her business and website
in memory of her mother who was a great advocate of 'imaginary play'.

Amongst the other products that 'Banana J Creations' offer,
the made-to-order tee-pee tents do offer just that.

Apart from the wonderful company philosophy
(supporting children's need to imagine)
I also love that I can supply my own fabric
and have a completely unique tent
made in line with my decorational needs.

The tents are collapsible hence easy to store,
they are washable (!) and made with light weight poles
that won't fall and knock your little Indian out (!!)..

'Annie B's Play Palace Tents'

These tents are made out of 100% Indian cotton
and are part of the 'Play Palace Pack' that consists of
the tent, 3 cushion covers, a PVC-backed seating mat,
and 7 matching drawstring bags.

P.S. These tents are great as 'bed canopies' as well!

'Rosenberry Rooms'

This supplier make custom-made tents in a range of gorgeous fabrics.

'The Well Appointed House'

Yes please!

'Net Kidswear'

These guys have a huge and varied assortment of tents.

Last but not least.

Here is a great home made tent/gazebo.
The reference is unknown,
but if anyone knows where it is from
please let me know.


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