Monday, August 24, 2009

Live Bohemian

Sometimes you stumble across something
that you get so excited about you wish you could
go there right away and experience it in real life.

Well.. the photos and creative expressions of
Live Bohemian's home and art on Flickr did just that for me.
When I saw them I felt that exhilarated joy of a child
who has just seen something really exciting
that they want to explore further.

So tugging your sleeve now.. please come and have a look
at the amazingly fun, vibrant and creative home of
artist Tracy Lorna Nors.

The chandelier is one of Tracy's own creations.
Made out of a vintage find.

This 'Scandi' looking cabinet reminds me of
one that we used to store our bedlinen in,
down at our summer house in the South of Sweden.
Wonder where that went..?

Loving this shade of green at the moment..

Paper bowl made by Tracy.

The 'bird light' (part of a string of lights) is wonderful.
Does anyone know where it is from?

This lampshade has been made by Tracy.
The little swing tags are great.

Imagine how many wonderfully creative conversations
have taken place at this kitchen table!

Click HERE for Tracy's blog.


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