Saturday, August 29, 2009

Morten Holtum of Denmark

Having worked until very (!) early this morning (again)
I have felt a bit like this all day...

But then I looked through the rest of
Morten Holtum's amazing photographic portfolio
and felt so much better..


Are they cow hides on the chairs?
If so I love them even more..

Please don't think I am morbid,
but I loved the stuffed swan....

A yellow accent gets me every time..
Also, love the contrast between chunky wood
and moulded plastic and steel..

The floor.. the light..

The shape of those horns against the white
and in harmony with the exposed beam..

That yellow mop-pouf had me at hello..
actually the whole room did..

That trompe l'oeil wallpaper with those
endlessly high ceilings and the red accents
look so amazing. Like a storyline..real drama.

I have a real weakness for this shade of
white and creamy blues.. Makes me think
of sun bleached trattorias in Italy...

Morten, your work and the places you have been are wonderful!!
Click HERE to jump to his website.


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