Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rice 2009 - more magic from Denmark

Another great Danish company *Rice
(you know how I love the Danes!)
is like an explosion of bright colours
and make-me-happy vibrance!
Like a lolly shop of treats for the home.
It was their crayfish image from one of their 
2009 catalogues that drew me to post this.
August is the big 'Crayfish Premiere' month in Sweden.
Special 'crayfish parties' and colourful celebrations
will take place all over the country and my
friends back there, in the motherland, will
be slurping and crunching their way till winter.
Not happy about missing out!!
Here's some more vibrant creative Rice
for you to feast your eyes on..

..and when Xmas finally nears,
this is one of the places I will look
at for new additions to the tree.

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