Monday, August 17, 2009

Lamps for children

I love an odd detail or an unexpected twist to a kids' room,
and here are some lamps that do just that.

Some may be a bit too scary for the little ones,
but never-the-less fun to look at for inspiration..

Cat Zoo lamp

Starlight lamp

Toadstool lamp

Black rabbit lamps
These work best in a little colony of two or three..

Gecko lamp
Again, I would use more than one and
make it look as if they are 'climbing' up the wall..
Would look great on a mural...

Animal zoo lamps

Himalayan glowing rock lamps.
Great for building a 'fake open fire or camp fire'.

Moose trophy lamp

Daschund lampMushroom lamp

Horse table lamp

Deer trophy lamp

Black horse floor-lamp (it's huge!)

Cloud lamp

My children have this cute little bunny lamp in their room
and fight every night over who gets to 'turn the rabbit off'..

Lights out for me now.



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