Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birds back in the house

Some of the scariest days of my life have passed since my last post.
Our daughter (3y) was admitted to hospital with acute asthma
and apnoea (stopped breathing in her sleep) on Sunday morning.
After having been treated at the emergency unit for 1/2 day, 
we were kept in hospital for close observation until today.
We are still shattered by these intense few days and the vivid memories
of Isabella's little body hooked up to scary but amazing machines
in an environment one does not wish to ever (!) see ones children.
Though very grateful we are back in the nest now,
it will take us a little while until we recover.
Please pass your healing thoughts to my daughter for
her steady recovery and ongoing health.

Isabella with her butterfly face painting
shot by my husband August 2009
I would also like to send my eternal gratefulness
and heartfelt thanks to the wonderful medical teams
that helped her (and us) through this nightmare.

Sydney Children's Hospital

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