Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blue Hour Designs

I just came across this wonderful jewellery designer
called Alysia Sanchez Melnikov (gorgeous name!).

Her website 'Blue Hour Designs' feature some of
her stunning work and her lovely blog gives you
a deeper insight to her delightful personality.

Take a look / have a read - I can highly recommend it!


PS. Alysia, if you don't have a reseller in Australia - contact
'By Kim' and ask if they might be interested. 
Your designs would fit their boutique like a glove!
By Kim

690 New South Head Rd
Rose Bay NSW 2029
(02) 9371 4433

1 comment:

blue hour designs said...

Thank you so very much for this wonderful post!! It put such a huge smile on my face when I saw it :)
I became a follower as well because I got stuck reading the other posts....I love your sense of style ;)
I will definitely be looking into the shop suggestion you made...thanks for the tip!

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