Sunday, September 20, 2009

Donna Hay styling

When Donna Hay first launched her magazine (*) back in 2002 I was quick to lodge my subscription.

I loved her recipes but really fell extra hard for the way her magazine was compiled and laid out.

Back then, the food magazines in Australia weren't all that sexy, and art direction & styling seemed to take a backseat to the recipes and editorial. So for me, it was a thrill to see a food magazine that embraced the visual feast as well as that for the table!

Of all the stylists that Donna has worked with, Christine Rudolph's work is perhaps my favourite. Here are a few of the yummy treats from her folio;

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Lucinha said...

Etonant j'aime beaucoup le decor.

Charlotta Ward said...

Merci Lucinha.

x Charlotta

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