Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eco friendly new build

It is nice to be writing again after the horrid days of worry
about Isabella and our stay at the hospital.
It is not over yet, but at least she seems a little stronger
and we are slowly relaxing into the reassurance by the doctor
that she may be past the worst now. Thank God!

I have missed not being able to share thoughts and finds
with you guys, and although your comments are still sparse
I am very glad to see that many people click in to read my blog.
It is humbling and exciting to see, so THANK YOU!

This is not news however I am so smitten by this Eco friendly
new built house that was featured in Living Etc a couple of months ago.
Set South of Dublin in the Irish countryside, this home is 
the product of slow and careful planning, building and crafting.
In fact it took the owners three years to complete the project,
with all this time on hand they were able to allow the house
to grow naturally with the help of local trades people and materials.
I love everything about this place - from the slightly Scandi-inspired 
cedar clad facade, lime stone floors, and purpose built cement kitchen,
to the exposed beams in the living room, and large irregular windows.

Here's the house tour:
I think the contrast between the somewhat strict outer
vs what hides behind the front door is divine.
I love the fact that the interior has been softened by 
the use of colour, rustic furniture and texture.
Goes to show that contrasting styles are often the best 
marriage when it comes to great interior spaces.

The kitchen was designed by the owners and was built
by local trades people using concrete and wood.

The irregular floating timber floors look great
and definitely give me a sense of the houses
and interiors from Sweden.

How great isn't this room!!
The soaring ceilings, space and air is amazing, yet they
have been able to maintain the warmth by using
natural materials such as cane, cow skins and wood.
The pallet is soothing, relaxing yet stylish and fresh. 
I'd love to sip a glass of wine in that hanging chair!!

(see HERE for some great second hand ones) 

 Again, the measured use of vintage vs industrial
works brilliantly in the bathroom as everywhere else.

All together a wonderful home don't you think!!?
Click HERE for the full article and more pictures. 


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