Sunday, September 27, 2009

House Tour Stockholm

Here's a real-life Swedish city flat whose owners
wanted to create a personal home where
family heirlooms, designer pieces and flea market finds
live happily next to each other in what they
fondly refer to as an 'orderly mess'.

I like this approach to decorating, and though my personal
style may be a little more streamlined & lean more towards
order rather than mess, there is certainly a healthy & proud
mix-match of things in our 'Swedish-Australian' home.

It is this 'unexpected' and 'off-the-beaten-track' look
of a home that I love the most, as it is genuine & honest
and allows the real story of the inhabitants to come through.
If this happens to be achieved through decor with a flavour of
sleek bohemia, distinguished eccentricity or playful eclecticism; 
it doesn't matter to me, I find them all equally charming.

Here's a mini tour of that city flat..

Ref: Brett Richards och Josefin Adner *


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