Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maria Calderara

Maria Calderara's design style is exquisite
in every aspect,  and it comes as no surprise
to find that her home is equally lovely.

Perhaps this is what to expect from a designer
who originally trained as an architect,
however I admire the soft boldness and
quiet sophistication in her design direction.

The use of natural colours with a splash of colour
always work a treat for me, and I love the
contrasting textures such as the shaggy rug
against the plain floor, and the fab
tangerine drape detail in the bedroom!

Her collection pieces, be that fashion or jewellery are
simple and elegant, with wonderful attention to
structure, detail and form - like architecture..
The design is clean yet intriguing
(like the half painted wooden sofa in her home..) 
whilst being very feminine without the frou frou.


It would be lovely to add a piece or two to my wardrobe...
(ahem.. Marshall?! oh, I mean 'Dear Santa'...)


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