Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Miles Redd

Looking through the gallery of Miles Redd's creations make me smile.
He so clearly has that playfulness of someone who is walking their
own path within an industry that can be oh so clicky & snobbish.
I love the fact that every room comes across as a 'film set', and it is
 quite clear that his early years as a set designer have left their mark.
The tasteful & arty drama comes through in most executions
and I think it this confident cheekiness of mix matching, layering
and contrasting that really defines Mile Redd's style to me.
He has a confident eye for style and eccentric charm,
without going over board with it - which is very hard actually.
Here are some great examples from his look book:

I love the fact that he has filled the room with the
four poster bed, and that the iron cast pipe work
resemble a bird cage for the the wallpaper birds.

This image here makes it quite clear that Miles
has worked with film sets and props.
There are so many intimate clues to the person
who lives here - like a 'freeze frame' of a movie.
The hat casually tossed on top of the decorative collumn
on the left, the black/white photographs, and snapshots
under the mirror.. You'd almost expect a half smoked
cigarette still burning in an ashtray in there somewhere..

 The enormous head board along with the purpose built
four poster canope makes it look like the bed is a room
of its own - a room within a room.
I love how the stripes are continued in the mattress,
and how he has contrasted the masculinity of the
straight lines with soft feminine curves of the panels as
well as the vases on above the bed side tables...

The angles of the exterior features of this house are great!
The stripes of the shutters blending in with the texture of
the brick work, and then the vertical lines of the stripy
marquees and window wood work. Brilliant!

Click HERE to jump across to Mile's site
and browse through the rest of his book.
Don't forget to read his Bio - it's very impressive!


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Stacey said...

Yes, i agree his designs do have a sense of drama. It doesn't surprise me that you were drawn to him too:-)

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