Monday, September 14, 2009

My beautiful children

Things have been crazy of late!

You may already know that our daughter Isabella was
admitted to hospital with acute asthma and apnoea recently.
I spent four days sleeping on a chair next to her bed, and
experienced some of the most gruesome hours of my life
watching her struggle to breathe properly...
Slowly slowly the doctors were able to stretch the intervals
between her medication until she was able to cope for
two whole hours without any support or drugs..
..and just as we thought things were really starting to turn,
Isabella was hit by a terrible gastro episode that had her
throwing up for 8 hours straight...  It didn't feel fair!!
24 hours after that, things finally improved and we were
eventually able to leave the hospital and head back home.
As Isabella still required frequent doses of Ventolin around the clock
we've been setting our alarm clock accordingly and are all now so
exhausted that I think it actually beats breastfeeding a newborn..
That said, we would take down the moon if that is what would
be required for Isabella to be healthy, happy and comfortable.
 Come the weekend (just gone) we were all so excited to be
together as a family again, however fate had other plans for us...

It was after dinner on Saturday that Oscar started
complaining of a sore tummy..
He looked OK and so we put it down to having had too much
to eat and perhaps also being a little overexcited about
having everyone back under the same roof again..
... a couple of hours later Oscar was vomiting violently and was
crying so hard due to abdominal pain that we decided to take him
the ER of the hospital Isabella & I had left only 48 hours earlier..
It turned out that we'd done the right thing in taking him there,
as he was put on a drip and kept under watch over night,
whilst the doctors performed tests to rule out the worst..
Poor Oscar was in so much pain and that night none of us slept
at all, due to the worry & uncertainty of what caused all of this.
Later the next day the doctors finally gave the all clear,
and Oscar & my husband were able to come back home.

The kids are not entirely well - Isabella still requires
medication every four hours around the clock, and Oscar
is extremely worn out and still very tender in his tummy.
That said, it seems that at least the worst is behind us now,
(knock knock on wood!!)
and we can focus on nursing both of the kids back to strength
away from hospitals, needles, IVs and nasty viruses.
Friends at school and daycare will have to wait a little longer
before we let the kids are back in full swing again.
Actually life in general will have to wait until any of us are
able to leap back in full capacity again..
Here are some pics of these divine young people who
we love more than words can say and who
once in a blue moon scare us out of our wits..

Oscar is the quiet gentle soul and 
Isabella the cheeky whirl wind of our 
happy and loving little quartet..

Life would not be life without them!



blue hour designs said...

Oh my beautiful are they?!
I wanted to cry reading your post. My sons are sick right now with the flu (possibly swine flu?!) And my heart just breaks when they are listless and unwell. I can not even imagine going through what you just went through. How are they now?

Charlotta Ward said...

Thank you on all accounts for your kind words!
I am sorry to hear your boys are sick - it is horrible when they aren't well. The whole family is affected and as a mother it rocks your whole core, doesn't it!?
I hope it is not Swine flue - have you had them tested? They can do it with a quick swab of the throat or nose.
Oscar is completely well, and Isabella improving & growing stronger for every day. Still giving her medication around the clock but not so frequently now. Hard to relax for me just yet - it's a 'mother thing'. I know you understand.
Thanks again and lots of love to you and the family. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

The Spirit of Abundance said...

Så rörande att läsa .... fick riktigt kalla kårar .... båda två är så söta så :)!!! VACKERT hur du beskrev dem!!

... vet alltför väl hur det känns då ditt barn blir ordentligt sjukt eller hamnar i en olycka, hur du oroar dig, och hur ditt ditt hjärta känns som om det exploderar och du skulle göra allt mellan himmel och jord för att kunna byta roller med lillan din ....

Jag hoppas att både Oscar och Isabella mår bra nu och att dom har tillfriskat helt och hållet!


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