Saturday, September 19, 2009

My favourite old toys..

Do you remember your favourite toy from when you were little?
I find it hard to pin point THE one that I loved the most, but
I do remember several of my favourite ones.

Here is my selection.

Old Fisher Price musical TV
that plays 'London Bridge is Falling Down'.
I still have this and have passed it onto my kids.

Another Fisher Price classic, which I also managed to keep
over the years - though in Sweden at my dad's place..

When my sister, who is 5 years older than I, finally grew
tired of her beautiful 'Lundby' dolls house I was in heaven.
Unfortunately we no longer have the house, as I apparently
gave it a 'make over' that couldn't be reversed...

I used to love my collection of 'trolls' - the pink haired one
was my favourite and I had it in a number of different sizes,
including one that could sit on my pen..

I LOVED my Barbie (& Cindy) dolls, and could apparently play with
them for hours at end, my mother says. I remember the thrill of getting
new clothes and accessories for them, and I used to create whole
houses and lives for my dolls... Pretend play joy!

This may be a 'Swedish thing' - but all girls collected 'book marks'
('bokmärken' in Swedish) and used to swap them or stick
them into books or fold them into 'fortune tellers'.
The vintage ones with glitter details were the most
beautiful ones in my opinion, and I am proud to say
that I still have my entire collection.

Lego was another of my favourite toys, and I would
build elaborate houses and villages - an interest
I have passed onto my son Oscar who is extremely
skilled at Lego and mastered 7-12 Y.O. kits at the age of 5!
I am so proud of him!

After persistent begging I finally got a dual-screen
Donkey Kong game for Christmas - despite
my mother's firm stance against all electronic games..

..many important calls were received on my
Fisher & Price telephone!!

My Mon Chi Chi was very loved!

Another Fisher Price fave of mine
(I am starting to feel like a broken record here..)
I remember the Christmas I got this wind-up 
clock that plays lovely music.
Today it adorns my kids' room
(up high so that it doesn't get demolished)..

Drawing, colouring in and making elaborate pieces
of art was definitely one of my absolute favourite
things to do. Despite growing up in a big & formal
house, my loving parents dedicated the walls of 
the stairs leading up to the bedrooms on 
the top floor to my artwork. So lovely of them, and
something I learned to appreciate very early on in life.

I was a doting mother of my favourite doll 'Anna' - 
a black doll with curly hair and big brown eyes.
I would push her around in my little doll's pram,
and my grand mother made the most beautiful
blankets for me to wrap Anna in..

Please tell me about your favourite toys.
I'd love to hear!!


P.s. You may find images that spur wonderful memories via 'This old Toy'. x


Jen (Melei) said...

I too used to love the bookmarks (you can see i kept at least two that are on the wall in my daughter's room) and Donkey Kong for sure. It was my brother's game and i always tried to steal it when he wasn't looking. Monchichi was another one, gosh, the memories are flooding back, lol. Ps. hope the little princess is feeling better!

September 19, 2009 5:02 AM

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes - I love that you framed the angel bookmarks for Freya. Very cute!
My princess is better but not entirely well. Seeing specialists next week - also booked in for sleep study at hospital.
Better than it was at least. Thanks. xx

First House on the Right said...

Just discovered this post and the first 2 toys made me gasp out loud from the memories! My little sister had the fisher price TV which we all adored and I had the dolls house which we still have as well. Nicolex

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