Sunday, September 20, 2009

Old becomes new

Norwegian interior decorator Jannicke Kråkvik is a great
believer in reviving old things and give them a new life.

Her philosophy inspires me to look at life as a 'treasure hunt'
where seemingly mundane items in our everyday environment
can become beautiful & quirky additions to our homes.

The trick to this style of decor is to think outside the box, and
allow your imagination to use things out of place - for example;
a vintage top hat becomes a flower pot, an odd ornate door a table top,
a stack of old books a new side table etc.

You can make this style of decorating bohemian or elegant,
pending how you pair your items in your room.

Look for shape and form when you hunt, and don't worry too much
about the colour as this is easy to change afterwards.

If this style of decor interests you,
you may enjoy this book..

Written by Jannicke, her stylist
boyfriend Alessandro d'Orazio and
photographer Siren Lauvdal.


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