Monday, September 21, 2009

Wooden cuteness by 'Wishes And Whimsies'

Found these adorable little wooden games via

They are designed to encourage children to learn whilst
also stimulating their imagination & creative thinking.

I think they are great!

'Nature Adventure Kit'
Go for a walk and look for the real life match to the
hand stamped tokens in this super cute box.

'Colour Match'
Match the right colour piece on the mushroom board.

'Numbers puzzle'
Match the 'hat' with the right mushroom 'foot'
and put in the correct counting order.

'Fairytale set'
Individual poplar wood pieces with non-toxic
hand painted motifs to spur your little one on
when making up fairytale stories.

'Match the cookie'
Colour and pattern match the cookies onto the plate.

See more like this from HERE.


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