Monday, October 5, 2009

Anti-statement to Swedish style

This Melbourne home is very close to a complete
anti-statement to 'Swedish Style' interiors..

Where as Swedish interiors are defined by
harmonious, soft, airy and gentle clean lines,
with focus on natural materials and light,
this house boasts dark walls, bold artificial colours,
angular lines and sharp contrasts.

All of this makes me feel more unsettled
than 'at home', and I would never be able
to live in a place like this.. Sorry..

That said, my favorite parts (if I must) are
the general structure of the house,
the kitchen (particularly the chandelier)
and the polished slate floors (they are great).

Living Etc describes it as
'funky tongue-and-groove house'.

What would you call it?


P.S. The red The Dragnet chair 
in the kitchen is by Kenneth Cobonpue 
at Godrich Design Collection.


Splendid Willow said...

Can you imagine having dinner in that kitchen. How fun would that be! (Although I would be staring at the ceiling all night long!) Fun post! OX Mon

Charlotta Ward said...

Oh, I get all nervous thinking about spending any amount of time in there... but I am sure I would manage with some Swedish sisterly support. :)
Though the chandelier is quite lovely, it feels so out-of-place in this 'electric boogaloo' environment... I feel all 80s again looking at the pictures.
Perhaps I am just too Swedish to get this.. :)


P.s. The bouquet of Banksia flowers on the kitchen bench is lovely though.. x

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