Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don't judge the book by its cover..

Recently came across this 'off the beaten track' home
of antiques dealers Theresa & Craig Smith.

The house is actually a double-width mobile home,
with a modest, almost ordinary exterior that doesn't give
away any clues as to what you will experience inside..

Once you have passed through the front door
it is a different story all together!
The interior is all but ordinary (!!), and is made up
by a collection of odd and eccentric finds that
at times are used in a most unusual manner..

This is an actual front porch from a house in Louisville,
that now resides in the sun-room of the Smith's home. 

Craig Smith makes and sells candelabra -
this one made out of old lamp parts.
Part of an old cottage adorn the window
in the living room.

In the master bedroom, a framed display of carved heads 
and a statuette, candle-holders from a restaurant, 
and Italian chairs surround a salvaged mantel.

The canopy above the bed is from an old store display.
Theresa sandblasted it, left it out to rust, 
then sealed it and wove scrim in its curlicues. 
Underneath it she has hung her grandmother's 
old pearls, beads, hats, and hand bags...
If only she knew..

 Like a kiss mark on a blank white paper,
Theresa's studio is painted rich red - the
only exception to the home's 'ivory rule'..
   An old restaurant prep table serves as a desk.
Metal security grates are now bulletin boards.

Theresa chose garden furniture for the kitchen because 
"the glass top and airy lines don't stop the eye." 
The chandelier is one of 14 in the house.

A collection of architectural ornaments, removed from 
their original purpouse, they now serve as intriguing
silhouettes on the kitchen shelves and walls.
The island bench is an old store counter.

The commercial stainless steal sink is a stark
contrast to the abundance of vintage and antique
oddities in the rest of the kitchen..

130 antique ironstone butter pats live on a shelf
simply because Theresa like their looks.
Apart from that, they serve no purpouse at all..
I like that!

Heavy enamel letters adorn the wall.

Vignettes juxtapose textures, shapes, and styles. 
A dining room cupboard showcases a collection 
white ironstone as well as a series of old dolls heads..

Though this is not a decor I would choose for
my own house, I truly salute the spirit in which
they have decorated, and am all for adding
a bit of drama through unusual detail here and there.

It is clear the owners have a great sense of humour,
and that they had fun creating their unique home!

It sure offers an entertaining house tour!

Images via 'Country Living'.


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