Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flawless Art

Today I came across a lovely jewellery shop
on Etsy, called 'Flawless Art'.

I love the Medieval feel of some of the
pieces that immediately remind me
of Sweden and some of the wonderful
silversmiths we have over there.

What I particularly love about these
pieces are the lightness and elegance.

These are my favourite ones;



Splendid Willow said...

Charlotta, you find the best things! And your posts are always terrific! How you have time with 2 little ones - is beyond me. But keep those posts coming! The ring is wonderful. I would wear it with white and a nice summer tan (like 9 months our for me)!

Charlotta Ward said...

Night time medication & sleep watch = lots of blogging in order not to fall asleep myself..

Yes the last one is definitely a summer ring - sandals, strappy dress, hair down, frozen Caprioska in hand.. Soon for us, after hibernation for you.


Jen (Melei) said...

Charlotta, are you hinting to your husband here for upcoming Christmas presents, lol.

Thanks for the well-whishes, they must have helped a bit as i am feeling a bit better :)

Jen xx

Klanningen ar fardig!

Charlotta Ward said...

My blind darling doesn't pick up on these 'ever so subtle hints'... but I know he would buy anything I wanted if only he knew. He is the most generous and loving husband a girl can have!
Count myself very lucky.


P.s. Hurraaa for klanningen. Jag ringer efter skollovet. Kram

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