Sunday, October 11, 2009

On watch..

Off to take my post next to Isabella and also
give her the last dose of Ventolin for tonight.

Still on watch and making sure she is
coping ok during the damp & cold
nights we are experiencing due to a
freak weather cell here in Sydney.

So anxious she will catch a cold
that will make her asthma flare
up again.. Worried mamma..

This photo shows a bit how I feel..

photo by Stellan Herner *



lotta said...

Oh, how I can relate to your worries. I hope that Isabella continues to get better and that no cold bugs interrupts her recovery.

Charlotta Ward said...

I bet you can relate! How are your kids?
Loved the pictures of your family at the apple orchard - looked so idyllic!
Yes, it is horrible to have that cold hand holding the heart in all this worry about Isabella's health. She is well, but I know that her little body is only so because of the medication - so I keep constant watch and make sure we stick to her schedule every day.
Thanks for your kind words.
x C

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