Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stellan Herner

A lot of Swedish decor focuses on simplicity,
where interiors are scaled back in a very
honest and confident manner.

This approach is true in many other areas of
Swedish aesthetics and is a proof of the Swedes'
innate need to be honest, true and real.

In fact realism is very important and my
dear countrymen/women stand firmly with both
feet on the ground and in close harmony
with the stunning scenery surrounding them.

There is an innate love for clean lines, natural colours,
untreated materials, air, light & a sense of space.

A sculptural branch, a beautiful rock, pinecones
stacked in a bowl, a sheepskin, an untreated wooden floor..

Nature and life in it lay close to the hearts of all Swedes.

I think photographer Stellan Herner and
stylist Tina Hellberg capture this very well
in these photos for 'ELLE Interiör'.




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