Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Zaishu Studio

I am in love with these beautiful slot-together
seats/tables with stunning hand-printed & silk-
screened designs and patterns by Zaishu Studio.

The products are made here in Australia out of
Native Australian Hoop Pine which is both
very strong and also an eco sustainable material.

Though each seat/table only weighs 3 kilos, it
can hold up to 150 kilos in weight!! Impressive!

The range takes inspiration from the slot-together
wooden beams in Japanese Buddhist temple.
Placing the five panels of a Zaishu seat/table flat
on the floor mirrors the lines & curves of a
traditional Japanese Kimono dress.

I think the designs are stunning and would love
to start my own little collection right now!

This design is inspired by Nordic interiors and
traditional cross stitch embroidery patterns.

This Australian themed design was created in close
teamwork with textile designer Nicola Cerini.

Another nature-inspired design with delicate
prints of Alpine forests, Australian Waratah pods,
and brown Eucalyptus leaves.V nice!

This artwork 'Equine' is a rare limited edition design
by Australian creative magician Angus McDonald.

I am so into equestrian themes at the moment,
and think it will be the next big thing over here..
When owls leave the trees there will be horses
standing underneath them for sure...


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A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Thank you for stopping in andyour lovely comments. Lovely to meet a reader all the way from Sweden! Will check in again on my return.
Have a great week. Ciao.

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