Thursday, November 5, 2009

For the love of nature

I truly love a piece of nature mixed in with my interior decor
and scattered around our home are examples of this.
A neat stack of perfect grey stones picked at the bottom of
a waterfall in the remote North of Sweden, a perfect bunch
of bare tree branches on the mantle in our dining room, a jar
of white star shaped shells that I found on a beach a few hours
South of Sydney, a sculptural piece of drift wood picked in
New Zealand, and a large heart shaped sandstone rock...

I like how these objects help ground our home, and how they
add a touch of warmth and personality at the same time as they
bring back some lovely memories about how we found them.

Here are a few lovely images of nature brought inside..



Francis Bell said...
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Fer said...

Hi, how are you are? Are you back from your country? I hope you had a good rest.



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