Monday, November 9, 2009

Unusual homes..

Here is a large eclectic, if not eccentric, Georgian House in England
with rich layers of details and a parade of decor expressions -
in fact you will find a new expression of style in each room you enter..

From African tribal gear, antique furniture, and opulent drama
in the most unexpected execution, this house is sure to intrigue..

Some may find it unethical or morally wrong to live or even convert
a church into something other than a place of worship and gospel,
but having been part of a church conversion in my early life as a
freelance interior designer, I feel it is OK if done with respect for
the original intent of the building. Here is an example of just that..

I love the courtyard feel created by the arched galleries on either
side of this vast open living/kitchen area, and how the sunburst
mirror at the top of the rear balcony gives a slight impression
of a 'rose window', which of course is a key feature of a church.
I love the grand piano at the back right - the accustics in this place..

Though I am not crazy about the ornamental inlays in the floor,
I do like that the wood is continued through out the house, as
this helps create a sense of unity and also a nice seamless flow.
The large free-standing dining table looks fantastic under the
double height ceiling, and anchors the room very well. I would
potentially have tried to incorporate an original church bench
with this table - it would have made for a nice link-back..

Please do note the brilliant fire-wood storage/shelving on the
far right (!) and how well that enormous mirror works with the
arched windows that in turn is a perfect reflection of the arched
gallery on the opposite side of this fantastic room. If I could
have changed something, it may have been the ceiling lights.
I feel they are too small and hung too high, and thereby lost.

A nice big rug would also have helped tie together the seating
area, at the same time as it would reduce noise levels - can
you imagine the echoing effect these soaring ceilings and bare
floors would create when hosting a dinner party..!

The balcony - that may once have held the pipe organ, is now
an office/reading area - decorated in a very different style to the
main areas downstairs. It's almost a little corporate looking apart
from the sunburst mirror and fur throw on the sofa. I do however
like how the curves in Mies Van De Rohe's  Barcelona chair and
stools match that of the supporting buttresses in the ceiling above.

I have always liked a slated ceiling in a bedroom - it creates a
cozy attic ambience. I do feel however that the walls are too bare..
and a couple of sheep skins or similar on either side of the bed
wouldn't have hurt either.. My toes are always cold.. :)

Divine (xuse the pun) - almost like a little world of its own..

source for both places


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