Friday, November 13, 2009

Home offices

 What would we do without the home office?!
Where bills are paid, projects are conducted, dreams
are made, adventures are planned, letters and emails are
written, where career plans are laid out, school forms are
filled in, holidays are booked, research is done, and
generally where we tend to park ourselves when we need
to focus and collect our thoughts in a productive manner.

In our house there are two - one for me and my art and one
that is for everyone.  Mine is a small but bright & happy little
space that holds my beloved art & design books, piles of magazines,
my paints, brushes and canvases. A room where I allow my creativity
to flow without the need to be neat & tidy, and where things can be
left as they are for the amount of time they need to stay that way.

The second is our 'office' - also small but well planned and equipped.
The walls are covered in bookcases that are full to the brim with
more books & magazines, files, music & DVD library, camera &
camcorder equipment and general bits we like to keep. Ther is also a
desk that holds our massive Apple MAC and all techy accessories.

Here's some home office inspiration via GAP interiors..







Splendid Willow said...

Also on my to do list! To make our home office even more lovely. (It used to be quite nice until my dear Hubby took it over and now even the cats avoid the room!).

Call me strange, but I get nervous looking at walls (or not having control about what is going on behind my back!) so I always want to look out in the room. Therefore your first image is my absolute favorite! (Although I would not say no to the Danish chair in pic. 6!)

Happy weekend, dear!


Charlotta Ward said...

Aaaah yes, our cat gets nervous too when I hand over to my dear hubby... I am sure I have even seen our fish break a slight sweat at the thought.. :)
To quote Tjorven in Swedish, he just doesn't have 'rätta knycken'! :)

I am the same with desks, and in fact also beds. I don't like an unknown void behind my back. I like to have the room in view - to feel safe, in control and relaxed.

Ringing you in ten minutes my dear - hope you're there.


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