Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mochatini and Mykonos

Mochatini is one of those wonderful blogs that not only
gives you a potent & delightful injection of inspiration,
but it also has a warm and friendly feel about it.
Do put it on your list of subscriptions now and
look forward to regular email posts from
the lovely author, Manvi!

With one of her recent posts I
was introduced to a fantastic portal
called the 'Mykonos Villa Crew' - she featured
one of their two exclusive rental properties on her blog
and I immediately mailed her and asked if I could pass on
her amazing find to you my dear readers - and she said yes.
So, courtesy of Manvi (thanks!) here it is now - 'Villa Orpheus'..

Everything about this place is beautiful - from its breathtaking
location on top a sun drenched cliff overlooking the deep blue
Mediterranean Ocean, to the typically Greek white facade
contrasted with soft tones of ocrhe (boulder) and greys.
The interior feels like a cool breeze with layers of
white, creams, and pale husky grey & blues.
With a mix of traditional Greek features,
and modern design classics such as
the Swan & Tulip chairs, as
well as quirky detail,
this place feels
like heaven!

I think the Greek
goddess Hestia would approve!

For information on how to rent one of the two 
5-star villas, please click HERE.

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