Monday, November 23, 2009

Swedish beauty in Skåne

This is the home of Ulrika Rudolf-Hall & Johan Nilsson - owners
of an antique store in Stockamöllan, in the South of Sweden.
They live here with their two kids and an endless parade of
stunning antiques and treasures. Let's take a look around..

The main house was built in the late 1700s and in line with the
traditional 'cross-joint style' houses of Skåne - brick structures,
straw covered pitched roof, un-framed windows, elongated &
flowing floor-plan etc. Inside, the ceilings are typically low with
exposed beams, the floors wooden and certain walls reveal the
structural brick and woodwork. My father used to own a house
like this in the South of Sweden and I simply love this traditional
style of Swedish architecture - so charmingly rustic and warm.

What the family refers to as the 'Wintergarden' is a new addition to
the main house. The owners chose a simple zink roof that over time
will take on a much darker and weathered look. The windows
were found in the attic of the main house and were set on their side
in order to work better with the double doors - creates a nice graphic
effect in of the detail above the doors and in line with the pitched roof.

This fantastic 1800s workbench is from Jämtland in the North.

This weathered book cabinet from the early 1800s originally had
a lower piece that was removed sometime in the last century
when the previous owners decided to make a dolls house of it.

Now it holds an array of collectibles such as this red Chinese
four-piece jar, and the antique leather bound books from 1700s.

I love this old garden table (used for planting) that the family
found at Rönneholm's Castle - the top is made of wood whereas
the bottom is metal. What a find! The candelabra is English and
dates back to the 1800s, and is frequently used by the family.

The TV room is the only modernly fitted room of the house,
and includes two comfy arm chairs from IKEA, a collection of
old chalk boards and a chalk relief on the antique side table.

The library has been painted in a soft powdery pink which sets
off the untreated wood of the chairs that are 1900C copies, and
the Baroque table with black detail - another favourite of mine.
 And oh also.. just look at those fantastic floor boards people!

 The library also holds a work-area with a divine desk and chair that
are from the early part of the 1800s. The chalk bust is a portrait
of the Greek God Hermes - son of Zeus and God of commerce.
Also note the fantastic window treatments - I love it!

This romantic little chambre belongs to the daughter of the house.

Original art by Ulrika's dad (Lennart Hall) that was painted in
the 60s, which is nicely set off against the white walls and in
harmony with the garden stools from the early 1900s.

The old rusty tables are from a swimming hall in Småland,
and hold a led plate and zink urn. The chair a new production of
an original Rococo chair and the painting again is by Ulrika's dad.

The bedroom (master) is a passageway, but can be sealed off by
more of those lovely linen drapes. Antique chairs flank that lovely
tallboy in-between the windows along the corridor.

The master bed is nicely framed by the drapes. The wardrobe
that is lurking in the far corner is Gustavian and that beautiful
large mirror from 1890. Also note the tiled wood fire oven.

All in all a fantastic home that I'd love to spend some time in.
So much to explore further.

Photography by Johan Kalén


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Splendid Willow said...

Now this is eye candy! I like mixing old with new, but when I see this I JUST want that wonderful, genuine Swedish old look.

I have a similar round white plaque with the profile of a dapper Swedish gentleman. I love it! (Even though it cost me a fortune to have it shipped "over the pond").

Happy week, girlie!

OX, Mon

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