Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gustavian Goodness and Honest Scrap..

It is now a couple of weeks ago since the lovely Monika Claassen
over at 'Splendid Willow' granted me an 'Honest Scrap' award.
The award requests I share 10 unknown facts about myself,
and though it has been my intention to post these since.. it is
taking me quite some time to compile my list.. So Monika,
whilst you wait I share some Gustavian goodness with you -
as I know you love the treasures of our belowed Sweden
as much as I do.. Thank you for being so patient.. xx

Pictures via Desire to Inspire



Sassa said...

Hej Charlotta,
Är du i Sverige nu ?
Vi åker från Arlanda 26 dec. till Los Angeles!
Hur länge är ni kvar?
Mitt 070-3724284. Vore kul att åtminstone talas vid!!
Stor kram från Sassa

Charlotta Ward said...

Hej Sassa - ja nu är vi äntligen här och jag hoppar högt av glädje över snön som föll igår kväll. Den första..! HURAAAA!
Vi är kvar ända till slutet av Januari - jag ringer dig!

Ha det sa härligt i USA och lycka till med bröllopet!!

Kramar xCharlotta

Chelsea said...

Love these photos! Love your blog!

Charlotta Ward said...

What a lovely comment - needless to say I now have a great big smile on my face!
Am so glad you like what I share and that you give me such nice feedback!

Have a lovely day!


Splendid Willow said...

My sis blog friend, of course I can't wait to get to know you even better. But no stress, ok? Enjoy your time w. friends and family in Sweden and get to the list only if you really feel like it. I am just happy I get to enjoy your wonderful posts. Such as this one! And would you believe that I actually have a similar plate rack as the one in image 5. (It used to belong in a castle). It is right now leaning against a wall in my husband's office and he does not know what to make of it. He thinks it belongs in a shed! Madre Mia! Cyber hug, Monika

katrina lauren said...

i adore the third simple & pretty!

Charlotta Ward said...

Dearest Mon - having left our beloved Mac work station and all that comes with it behind in Sydney I am faced with the challenge of befriending my mother's PC.. An interesting experience for sure.. :)
Am collecting images for my post and having fun in the process. No stress - I promise! xx

Katrina - welcome to my blog. I am so glad to have you here and that you like the post. Yes that third image is like a soothing cleanser for the soul and eyes. If only my own home was such a serene picture of orderly calm.. ;)


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