Monday, January 18, 2010

Divine dining

I am sure that you like moi love 'Emma's Design Blogg'.
This Swedish design blogger (a very talented and well-
known design blogger, I haste to add) who despite
having given birth to her third child only three months
ago, manages to seek out and share design divinity via
her fantastic blog. Do pop in if you haven't done so yet.

Today when I ducked in to see what fabulousness she
has posted about, I came across a parade of amazing
dining rooms. Here they are.. Which one is your pick?

This last pic is one of a brilliant set of images of the 'Delfin & Postigo house'
which was also featured by Emma. To see the rest of this rather
unusual but very sleek home, click HERE please..


1 comment:

katrina lauren said...

oh i love a bench at a table...that way you can really cozy up while dining with those you love!

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