Saturday, January 16, 2010

Modern cottage

Wonderful & unusual version of a traditional Swedish
country cottage that has been given a complete face lift
as well as a modern extension. Set in the coutryside
near Gothenburg on the West coast of Sweden.

The original cottage is located behind the glass cage
built by the couple (architects) and creates an unusual
mix of structural styles that somehow seem to fit well.

This is not my usual preference, but somehow this
particular home actually got my thumbs up..
What do you think..?

The house has that 'less is more' look founded by the
late architectural genious Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
Clean lines, openness, transparency - this is a house
that breathes.. and I feel lighter just looking at it.

Inside or outside? Who can tell in this diningroom?
Imagine how divine this would be in winter as well
with lots of candle lights everywhere..

I am not mad about lime green, however do admire the
courage required to stain the wood panel in this shade..
..and somehow it further reinforces the whole seamless
inside-outside approach to the structure of the house.

Lovely airy bedroom with soothing white walls
and clever wrap-around bench by the fireplace.
A nice calm oasis in the middle of all the green..

I love the contrast of the modern, almost Zen like
bath and sinks (by Antonio Lupi) against the
white washed & wood panelled walls. Too bare
and 'undressed' to be my ideal, but a wonderful
base to work with and pleasing to the eye.



Splendid Willow said...

It is the light dear, the light! I so crave it in a rainy and gray Seattle! Cyber hug, Mon

Charlotta Ward said...

Mais oui.. of course you are right. The light gets me every time. It is innate in my Swedish soul and probably reinforced by the fact that I have endured two months of hearty Swedish winter by now.. The snow still lay thick over the landscape but the darkness... Sigh.

Ether hugs to you,

min it said...

It´s very nice, I love using warm and tradicional materials in modern design...The light come into the house it´s so cool...
Thanks for sharing.

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