Saturday, February 6, 2010

Knitted sweetness

I wish I could knit!
I really do, but it is simply not for me.. I just end up
all tangled, stressed and in a right old mess..
Otherwise I'd try something like this..
Picture 21

Picture 23

Picture 22

 Picture 24

 via Sweet Paul



~Ivy~ said...

I love this post. I feel EXACTLY the same way. I have the softest blanket in the basement in a clear plastic tub tote and it is only 1/4 the way done. It was going to be a baby gift for me nephew... he is 7.
The pic's you picked have me feeling warm and snuggly today. I needed that.

lintu sininen said...

crocheting is easier than knitting. love the pictures. i bet you could do the lovely bottles from old sweater sleeves. no knitting.

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi girlies.
Yes 'blue bird', you are right. I could dive into our piles of old sweaters and get to work, but somehow I fancy the romanticism of knitting them myself.. The sweetness of an impossible dream.. :)
I am really into 'knitted' decor and would love some cable knitted pillows in charcoal grey for my sofa and have saw some wonderful knitted throws whilst in Sweden... Sigh.

Something for me to learn to do when I grow old and grey, and have gathered a whole lot more patience.. :)


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