Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I want to bring your attention to another beautiful
Swedish blog 'Blomsterverkstad'.

It is written by extremely creative florist & photographer
Minna Mercke Schmidt who recently released a book
that I for one would love to add to my coffee table..

If her blog is anything to go by (and I am sure it is!),
this book is a must for anyone who loves horticultural crafts.
It promises to teach you how to make wreaths, tie perfect
bouquets, create amazing centerpieces for the table,
make the most of your garden, make seasonal crafts etc.
It is beautifully styled and shot by Minna herself and looks
extremely tempting indeed! I am so getting one for myself!

The blog ,'Blomsterverkstad', is a wonderful 'smörgåsbord'
of ideas and I find myself going there for inspiration
on everything from table decor, to gift ideas and general
seasonal inspiration of all kinds. An absolute staple!

Her photography is stunning and an absolute treat to look at..

All images by Minna Mercke Schmidt

So when you feel the urge to make fabulous garlands
out of rowanberries or make a stunning wreath out
of brusselsprouts, you know where to go!

All with a wonderfully Swedish (Finnish) twist!



Splendid Willow said...

How lovely! Flower art - not an art I am good at (I kill everything green..). But the images are sooo inspiring! Look at the glass bowl w. peaches! Cyber hug, Mon

Charlotta Ward said...

Isn't it just yummy!
I still can't get over the brussel sprout and lingon berry leaf wreath..!
How off the beaten track and fabulous isn't that!!

The peaches! I LOVE peaches - white ones, not yellow... and they are in season right now. I am eating them by the kilo!

Big hug

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