Friday, March 5, 2010

Cape Town 'Island Style' home..

I recently promised to share more 'tropical
inspiration' through my blog and am very
excited to share with you this beautiful
& cool 'Island Style' home in Cape Town.

So many of the features are similar to a lot of
homes here in Australia as well - the casual
elegance, light colour palette, relaxed warmth
and simplicity in the detail to mention a few.

I personally love the neutral base with accents
that blend well with the setting - the greens, aquas
and bursts of brighter reds. Feels very fresh and nice.



via Frank Features



Splendid Willow said...

Well, hello! There is something about the energy in this house. It is a content home! Content, relaxed and very pretty. Cyber hug, Mon

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes I agree. This home feels 'clear'. Nice energy, light and seemingly harmonious. So inviting.

Stor kram
xx C

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