Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Children's art

I recently read HERE that an article in the  NY Times back in 2006 stated a trend to invest in high-end art for their nurseries and toddler rooms. This in belief that the presence of expensive art will in fact make their children more creative and intelligent.. I must say that I am not convinced, because in my book art must not be expensive or be created by anyone famous. The main thing is that it speaks to the viewer and that it adds something to the environment it is meant to hang in. Apart from that, your little darling won't care if it is by Picasso or daycare..!

I am all for art (OMG, what would life be without it..!?!) , regardless of the price tag, but for me the most precious pieces are those brought to me by my kids. In our home we have stacks and stacks of gorgeous little creations that mean so much to me, and I love hearing my children share their vision of what they want to convey with their pictures. Often there is so much thought behind each wonky little line and blob of colour!

I love their excitement and pride when having created a new masterpiece and I carefully pile these in a big box for later in life. Some however are too brilliant to stash away and end up on the wall or fridge for everyone/anyone to see. The look in their eyes when I do this is priceless..!
(sorry don't mean to sound like a 'Master Card' ad..)

Here are some cute ways to display art in a way that is also pleasing to the design savvy parental eye.. :

 I think this is such a great idea! The drawings/paintings are scanned into electronic format and then re-sized and laid out into desired shape. Once done the new  layout is saved in a high-resolution file and printed in a large size at a local printing shop. I am so going to do this for my angels!

Or have their artwork transferred onto canvas..

xx Charlotta

P.s. Oscar would love this room..

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